Valve clearance is easy to adjust on all push rod engines or OHC engines with top adjustment. Clik-adjust makes the job easier and absolutely precise. This essential clearance adjustment ensures the valves (inlet and outlet) open and close correctly resulting in better engine performance.

Adjusts tappets precisely

Micro adjustment

No need to use feeler gauge after its set up

Suits all push rod valve engines and OHC engines with Flat head top adjustments screws. 1/2"D for any size lock nut

Essential for worn tappets

youtube instructional video fro MG tappets

Eezibleed $39.95

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Multi-purpose Cap $23.95

Pressure bleeding requires a tight fitting cap. European cars with ATE reservoirs use screw on caps. Japanese and American cars use twist on caps. A reservoir with a twist on cap can not be pressurized so you have to use the multipurpose cap described on the left. or the old school method with the help of an assistant.

Multi-purpose cap instructions

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Clikadjust Instructions

Carbalancer Instructions

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Colortune Kits $69.95, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm


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